ENMO®hydro – it flows

ENMO®hydro represents the latest development in terms of dynamic, continuous and automated water monitoring. It significantly contributes to the early detection of accidents or pollutions and the evaluation of risk potentials. Its special functions for the management of all water-monitoring-relevant workflows and options for the evaluation, export and presentation of data make ENMO®hydro a unique solution in the world of water monitoring.

This software system efficiently controls automated water quality monitoring networks. The new development takes the automatic water monitoring to another level: ENMO®hydro takes advantage of the last 20 years of experience and offers new possibilities in an innovative software environment.

The function scope of the 100 % web-based multi-tier-system includes among others the workflows for automated event sampling and quality control, the management and control of the equipment in measuring sites, numerous options for data evaluation, display and export, as well as the reporting system. ENMO®hydro also fulfills the requirements for a certification according to DIN EN ISO 17025.

Technical data
  • 100% web-based solution
  • Quality control (explicitly determining all relevant standards)
  • Multi-tier architecture
  • Multilingual GUI
  • Modular and scalable
  • Dynamically configurable building-block-system
  • Appointment management with reminders
  • OPC technology for device connection (supported by standard industrial bus systems)
  • Display of device trees
  • SOP and document management
  • Comprehensive statistical functions
  • Comprehensive device status recording
  • Automatic multi-selections (provision of several reports per single click)
  • Storing predefined selections
  • Crystal Reports support
  • Up-to-date, intuitive GUI
  • Preconfigured user roles (technical staff/maintenance, evaluation staff)
  • ITsees connection
  • Partners: Microsoft, Oracle, SAP
  • Drift correction
  • Calibration
  • Real-time query of device data
  • Alarm index
  • Notification per SMS or e-mail in case of an alarm
  • Simple data compression
  • Comprehensive graphic evaluation and comparison of various results (parameters, time, locations, compressions)
  • High-quality graphic export
  • Extensive modification options for graphic designs


ENMO®hydro consists of three components: ENMO® Site, ENMO® Server and ENMO® Client. To read more, click on the corresponding tab.

ENMO® Site continuously collects results, status and error messages from the measuring systems connected in each of the monitoring sites. The computers located in an ENMO® Site store this data temporarily, in order to be transmitted further to the ENMO® Server via Internet. Optionally available plug-in ENMO® IT SEES evaluates the data in terms of their “normality” and automatically creates the so-called alarm index (if there are any abnormalities), which allows a quick evaluation of the current water situation.
Results and status messages of all measuring sites are collected in a measuring network center and stored in an Oracle database. ENMO® Server immediately evaluates the input data – if the alarm index indicates a suspicious water status, the staff in charge will be promptly notified via SMS and/or e-mail. The notification system also triggers a predefined workflow for automatic event sampling in all measuring sites.

Perfect overview – data evaluation with ENMO® Client

  • Free zoom levels
  • Display of graphics and tables on the same screen
  • Layout functions are easy to reach using context menu
  • Fully customizable layout – also to be stored as preset
  • Simultaneous opening and overlapping of several data records
  • Sliding average values with own intervals
  • Scalable axes when displaying different values
  • Numerous options for the export of vector graphics, bitmaps and Excel documents

With the help of the modern, intuitive interface ENMO® Client you can display, compare, evaluate and validate the data collected – there’s a variety of tools you can use.

With little effort, the Client can be so configured as to allow each employee to get an overview of all parameters necessary for the evaluation of water quality, as quickly as possible. Using the Client you can also manage the equipment, master data, access authorization and the schedule including maintenance routine. In order to present the data collected as easily as possible, ENMO® Client also offers the export of vector graphics, Excel documents and bitmap graphics – keeping the layout intact.


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