Additional modules

Plug-in ENMO® IT SEES – automatic alarm index

The optional plug-in, ENMO® IT SEES – a tool for the real-time detektion of accidents in water – extends again the funcion scope of ENMO®hydro. ENMO® IT SEES analyzes and evaluates collected data – classical water parameters and biomonitors – in terms of their »conspicuousness«.

Out of all conspicuous results with different severities, ENMO® IT SEES derives the so-called alarm index. Each conspicuous result increases the value of the alarm index by a value defined for each result individually. Once the defined thresholds are exceeded, ENMO® IT SEES generates a warning; in case that the highest threshold has been exceeded, the “alarm level” is reached. Dynamic detection procedures, such as double-sigma-test and Hinkley detector, allow for the fine detection of accidents in water – significantly reducing the possibility of a false alarm.

ENMO® IT SEES has been developed by bbe Moldaenke Kiel and the water quality monitoring network Hamburg, in the framework of the research and development project EASE – (transl.) Development of alarm criteria and accident measurement at measuring sites in the Elbe catchment area for the international alarm and hazard defence planning.

Make maintenance more efficient

  • You wish to maintain the components of your sites and record the maintenance procedures?
  • Should maintenance procedures be configured for each device individually?
  • You wish to fulfill high quality and flexibility requirements?
  • Dynamic maintenance workflows are important to you, as well as the minimizing of the administration effort?

The ENMO®hydro QM module with integrated maintenance component set fulfills all expectations and facilitates the accreditation and certification procedures. Single components can be compiled to a maintenance procedure without any programming knowledge. Maintenance workflows are defined in the form of maintenance templates in the corresponding worksheet. They serve as a procedure guide for devices of the same kind within a network. This way you define all necessary tasks and steps in a maintenance procedure.

Maintenance plans are the compilations of necessary maintenance properties and are created individually for each device (e.g. repetition intervals or dependencies). A maintenance plan is based on a particular maintenance template and references all data necessary for a single maintenance procedure.

Maintenance plans with/without interval

In case of maintenance with an interval, you define a planned maintenance with corresponding date/time which is then stored in the ENMO®hydro calendar. Once the first maintenance is completed, the next planned date is created, as defined in the referenced maintenance template. Maintenance plans without intervals are created manually, only once, and performed individually on the specified date. If maintenance has not been performed on the planned date, a notification is automatically issued and sent to the person responsible (via the ENMO®hydro integrated notification system).

Maintenance can be performed for online and offline devices. In first case, the system reads out the result(s) directly from the device; in latter case, the user reads the necessary data and enters it in the foreseen fields of the maintenance mask.

Thanks to the dynamic design of the maintenance workflow, you can also pause maintenance or skip or repeat single tasks. Each step is recorded. Particular events in the framework of the maintenance are also automatically logged in the system. Manual additions are possible – e.g. access to SOPs or other documents (such as manuals etc.) during maintenance. You can also define logs as a maintenance step, so it is performed automatically during maintenance (e.g. adding a comment).

Control charts

Control charts are kept for each device/sensor. Data is collected during maintenance. Results are automatically evaluated in a control chart (e.g. triggering a repetition after an out-of-control-situation arises etc.).

The most important information and steps of a maintenance procedure are kept and managed in the following ENMO®hydro worksheets: SOP, Control charts, Laboratory chemicals (for the management of reference standards and calibration solutions), Maintenance plans and Maintenance templates.

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