blomesystem® tools

With the help of our tools you can adjust LABbase® to meet your needs at any time. You can design your workflows more efficiently and prevent from potential errors. We present blomesystem® Reportgenerator and blomesystem® Designer:

blomesystem® Reportgenerator

blomesystem® Reportgenerator is an exclusive tool for the query, display and input of data. With its help, a trained user can easily create input forms, reports, evaluations and statisctics according to their requirements, without having to edit anything in the source code of the application or change the database design.

You can generate printable templates, also suitable for data input. You can model standardized paper forms on the screen as an input mask – this facilitates the orientation and saves time.

Since results are created and saved directly in LABbase® and no data exported to any other appplication, there’s no need for any additional administrative effort, such as the management and protection of Office documents. The fields in a mask allow you to edit and save texts of any length. This makes the use of an additional text editing system obsolete.

blomesystem® Designer
With blomesystem® Designer, any blomesystem® standard application becomes a product perfectly customized to your needs. This tool allows your system administrator to perform all modifications and extensions possible to the function range and the database of the application.

blomesystem® Designer is a powerful, well-engineered, reliable tool, developed by several leading companies. This is particularly important in terms of finding a solution for complex situations, such as incorporation in an existing IT-structure of the company. You can either perform the necessary module changes by yourself, or order them.

Unlimited updateability
One of the particularities of blomesystem® Designer: all changes, extensions, structures and data are taken over to the next system version with an update.

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