Blomesystem GmbH provides all kinds of interfaces to ERP systems, laboratory devices and other special applications:

For food and veterinary investigations offices, Blomesystem GmbH provides an interface to Balvi iP, a software system for the regulatory monitoring. The program integrates the monitoring areas defined by law in terms of veterinary and food monitoring, in the form of particular program modules which operate with the same standardized data. This way BALVI iP allows an effective and efficient management of your monitoring activities.
blomesystem® LABDDI

blomesystem® LABDDI is a general interface module for the standardized data import.

With its blomesystem® LABDDI, Blomesystem GmbH can comply with specific requirement profiles. DDI means “Data Device Interface”. Using this software you can store any device data in a standardized form. Devices connect to LABDDI with the help of plugins which analyse and prepare the data transferred from devices.

From the LABDDI structures, prepared data can be transmitted further to actual target systems. Individual adjustments or evaluations of data are then subject to these systems. Also evolved, client-specific applications can use LABDDI.

blomesystem® QDI

blomesystem® QDI is a certified interface to QM-module (quality management) of SAP® R/3 for all analytical laboratories working with the SAP® QM-module for quality assessment.

Our unique solution – blomesystem® QDI (QDI = QM-Data-Interface) – is above all an interface between blomesystem® applications and SAP® systems. It provides tables and functions which can cover all features of SAP® QM-IDI (IDI = Inspection Data Interface).

All transmissions occur via a direct PC-to-PC communication, with the help of the SAP® certified Remote Function Calls (RFCs).

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