When you’re familiar with professional lab routines, you’ll know: even the most powerful system will find no acceptance if it ignores the particular ways and requirements of its users. This is why readyLIMS® is equipped with a web-enabled client with an own, highly configurable graphic user interface (GUI).

Easy operation

For its users, this solution unites the best of the two worlds: easy operation of a classical windows application and simplified access to the database or connected devices.

Further advantages of the stand-alone client:
– no binding to any specific browser
– no need for additional plugins
– no fear of hidden downloads
– minimum initial training thanks to the similarity to MS Office routines.

Multilingual GUI and standards

Scientific work has no language barriers – this is why readyLIMS® has been designed for international use. Several users can work with the same system in several different languages. Navigation tree, menus, tabs and other control elements are displayed in the desired language. The development of readyLIMS® took the requirements of I18N (internationalization) and L10N (localization) into consideration. This makes it possible to localize the system in accordance with client’s requirements.


readyLIMS® follows the principle of the multi-tier-architecture. Logical separation of tiers significantly minimizes the maintenance effort and guarantees the horizontal and vertical scalability of the system. readyLIMS® consists of the following three tiers:

Presentation tier (client tier):
– presentation of data, user data and user interfaces
– located at the workstation of a user

Logic tier (server tier):
– holds the application logic together
– includes all substantial processing mechanisms

Data storage tier (data-server tier):
– saving and loading data

Extensions and further development are subject to an external reporting tool, web services and upgrades.

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