Scope of performance readyLIMS®

Daily workflows of diverse laboratories have many similarities and differences. The scope of performance of readyLIMS® is structured so as to follow these workflows as precisely as possible. Practice has shown that there is always the right combination of functions in readyLIMS® which depicts the daily work in any lab with as little adjustment as possible (e.g. configuration).

– Order
– Sample planning
– Sample wizard
– Test templates and test packages
– Sample receipt
– Sample registration
– Sample distribution
– Organization
– Planning
– Preparation
– Manual result entry
– Automated result collection
– Formulas for calculated results
– Device monitoring
– Maintenance functions

– Control charts
– Result registration
– Unit conversion
– Limit lists
– Limit check
– Result evaluation
– Sample evaluation
– Sample release
– Administration
– Calendar
– Audit-trail
– Compiling reports
– Report release
– Document management
– Archiving of reports
– ERP-interface

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