1981 – Karl Ernst Blome founded the company Karl Blome KG.

1984 – Vision of the development of own tools. Later on, the tools blomesystem® Designer and blomesystem® Reportgenerator are developed.

1986 – Development of the first PC- and ORACLE-based blomesystem® LIMS LABbase® with the help of these tools (client-server-architecture).


1993 – All current blomesystem® clients have the possibility to switch their DOS LIMS to Windows.

1996 – Switching to the Windows 32-bit-version.

2000 – Introduction of a quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001. The interface QDI to the SAP® QM module is certified by SAP®.


2001 – With the participation of Analytik Jena AG, Karl Blome KG becomes AJ Blomesystem GmbH.

2006 – AJ Blomesystem GmbH becomes 100% subsidiary of Analytik Jena AG.

2007/2008 – Conclusion of first contract with federal states in the area of consumer protection and food safety in LANUV NRW and LUA Rhineland-Palatinate.

2009/2010 – Beginning of the development of the software system ENMO®hydro in cooperation with the Institute for Hygiene and Environment Hamburg.  


2010/2011 – Completion of the software system ENMO®hydro. Productive start in the Institute for Hygiene and Environment Hamburg. Development and completion of the LIMS readyLIMS®.

2012 – Introduction of readyLIMS®.


2014 – Extension to LABbase®: document management incl. OCR

2015 – Extension to LABbase®: Digital Stick (digital collection of handwritten form data). Release of Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro 64-Bit.

2016 – Introduction of LIMS Web Center. ENMOhydro-App (in cooperation with Institute for Hygiene and Environment Hamburg) is completed.


2017 – Purchase by GUS Holding GmbH and change of the company’s name to Blomesystem GmbH.

2018 – Moving of the main office from Jena to Gera.

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